Apparently, Macaulay Culkin Finishes Pizza

Posted By: Chucky Knight On:

Read the FULL story, as well as some interesting questions at TIME.

Theophilus London posted a picture of Macaulay Culkin eating a slice of pizza, and the reception was nothing short of celeb-comment-box de rigeur .

Amid all the nonsense, I had to take a look at this for myself. A quick Google search turned a short clip of Mac eating a simple slice (after an oregano malfunction), and an occasional comment to the open air.

If anyone knows about the Andy Warhol clip of him eating a Whopper in ’81, it is said to be a play on that. Apparently, Culkin is in a Velvet Underground cover band, called Pizza Underground, and this may or may not be random promo for the internets. Let us know what you think!



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