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Who Is TokyoPro?

TokyoPro is the brainchild of two American producers who needed a way to fully express themselves, at a time where most rappers’ aspirations were to make the XXL Freshman 10. As Producer/DJ/Songwriter PROTA puts it,

“At the time we started TokyoPro, we weren’t exactly sure how we wanted to present it. DG (Dodgy Geezer), was into alot of polished stuff, like French house, and 80s synth sounds. I was more into trip-hop and it’s cousins, because I was primarily a rapper at the time.”


This off-kilter alliance was formed at the top of the Shinjuku Prince Hotel in Tokyo, hence the moniker TokyoPro (Some say PROTA gave the group the name after establishing a twitter account of the same name).

On their return from Tokyo in 2009, the duo decided to go full-steam on their music, a confluence of hip-hop, trip-hop, synthpop, and new wave. They affectionately dub their music “post-apocalyptic pop”. “This is the type of s**t we’ll be listening to when civilization collapses. It’s polished, but it’s also rough around the edges and written for those who live the same.”, PROTA says when asked to describe the new sound.

In addition to the new sound offering, TokyoPro are huge supporters of Jay-Z’s call for ‘new rules’, and more personal way to market their music. They opt for a total DIY approach, producing, recording, and even doing all post-production in-house. “We like a setup that we can pack up and take on the road, on a plane, wherever, and just set up in a hotel room and work. Aside from being artists, we travel for fun, so we definitely appreciate the new ease of making music.”

Sounds like these guys have the vision. The TokyoPro EP is available now for free download via http://whoistokyopro.com (told you they like to DIY)! Check it out, Like it, Support it if you do, and make sure to check back with us for more updates!


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