Leikeli47 – LK-47 Pt.II

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Sometimes I scour Soundcloud for no apparent reason. My issue is more akin to sleepwalking than anything, music just calls me sometimes. On today’s Freudian adventure, I stumbled across a girl in a ski mask. Usually, I pass right by that type of imagery, afraid to catch a bad one, which for me is a contrived, tired trope being played over and over again in music videos a la The Weeknd (who, might I add, KILLED the anonymity angle in my opinion). Never the less I hit the link.

The tape starts off with Bane from Dark Knight Rises, and his famous line, “Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask.” Then it slaps you hard. I had to pull “Drums 2 Clean” back three times just to rock out to that chorus. From there, it sucks you down into the visceral mix. See what I mean below:

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