Legends of Gotham Aren’t Always In The Times.

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If you are familiar with the downtown nightlife scene, and I was to mention “Downtown’s Sweetheart”, you would immediately think Vashtie Kola. I would too. She’s beautiful and she’s downtown. But let me tell you about a truer Downtown, and a gem of a man I met there, named Ease. Ease DaMan to be exact.
I hit the downtown clubs as soon as I became of age. I was immediately captivated by the fact that I didn’t have to conform. The Bridge and Tunnel folks could keep their Men’s Wearhouse deals and their Affliction t-shirts, and untz, untz . Fuck that deadful untz, untz. I could wear my dirty chucks and all black uniform and still have a good time and meet awesome girls.

Enter Ease. My Ease experience (as many have their own unique experiences with him), starts on the Internet. I was searching for raves. Not flashing lights and over-cut Ecstasy. The real, down and dirty, BYOB, drugfest. I found a party called KITTY CITY (Wish I could find myself at another one of THOSE!), saw they were giving out 40s, and went. New World Alert. The girls were beautiful, like supermodels that not only drink 40s, but Handle Them Shits. I was a nervous wallflower by myself though. I felt strangely at home, but since I found out on the internet, strangely awkward. Everyone knew eachother and seemed engaged. I ran out that bitch, I’m not ashamed to say it.

I decided to give it another go, and went to a bar called Sway the next week, at a friends’ request.

There was this guy there….


Long story short, 2 drunk guys smoking a blunt outside. We talked about Theophilus London, and a host of other crap, including drugs, and depression. I could see in his eyes that he went through it just like I did. About as much as you can read those kinds of things. But he didn’t go any lighter on the jewels.

No quotes, no bullshit. This is what I learned from Ease. The world sucks. It really does. It will never not suck. The key to this worldly existence is to fill it with love, laughter and learning. He lived not as merely a martyr. He was, and is a shining example of how not to give a “fruck”. The Times may not have written about him, but those who love Ease have all picked up their pens and are writing his legend as we speak. We will never stop living life young.

Ease_DaMan_Dito_we_do_drugs_fashion_music_art_hip_hop_mishka_Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 12.44.26 PM




Hit the link above to drop a lil something off for Lil’ Ease. If you know anything about the scene that the magazines DON’T say, it’s that we take care of our own.


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